Now a little bit about me... I am based in Glasgow (Scotland) and have been working as a medium for over thirty years,and have performed many private psychic consultations and public events both in the UK, especially Scotland, and internationally also. Have appeared on television and radio, been active in the spiritualist church in Scotland, and performed to many audiences over the years with my psychic shows in theatres, community halls and other venues.

Not only have I worked in just in the UK, but also in Ireland and Europe with international organisations, groups and individuals. Many people do actively contact me for help with their personal, relationships and business issues. I am also a psychic healer, and teacher of Quantum Reiki, and also hold regular classes in meditation in the Glasgow area.

My television and radio appearences include Celtic Music Radio, Channel 4's Cutting Edge plus Unsolved Mysteries too. I have also had numerous newspaper and magazine acticles published, and have been actively involved in helping the police in several crimes. My most notable involvement in a crime was that of the disappearance of Moira Anderson (which has just recently been back in the spotlight) and is detailed in the book 'Where There Is Evil' by Sandra Brown (available on Amazon).

If you would like a private consultation please telephone my secretary on 07760 327 905 (office hours), who will arrange and book you an appointment to see me.

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